Cruise 1 – Enough Refreshment
24 Apr 2018

luxurysportcruise_White-beach luxurysportcruise_White-beach
luxurysportcruise_Peristeri luxurysportcruise_Peristeri
luxurysportcruise_lagonisi luxurysportcruise_lagonisi
luxurysportcruise_blue-lagoon luxurysportcruise_blue-lagoon

Cruise 1 – Enough Refreshment

Are you looking for a quick adventure? Then the cruise “Enough Refreshment” is exactly what you need. It is one of our shortest cruises, lasts for 4 hours with one hour of cruising. Embark on a journey as we drive in the crystal turquoise waters! We start the trip with a visit to Diaporos Island, which is the largest island in the archipelago of nine islands that belong to Sithonia. There we enter the Blue Lagoon, an extraordinary experience that cannot be found anywhere else in Chalkidiki. It is a shallow, small strait with a white sandy bottom between Diaporos and the smaller island Saint Isidoros. We continue sailing on the east side of the island, to the White Beach with its white sand and beautiful blue water. Discover the pristine beaches of Peristeri Island and explore the hidden gems of the nearby surroundings. The last stop is Lagonisi, one of the most beautiful beaches in Chalkidiki, and since 2015 a large portion of the beach is organized with refreshments and sunbeds. Onboard, our customers can enjoy a variety of complimentary snacks and refreshments.