+30 6944 55 10 44 [email protected]
+30 6944 55 10 44 [email protected]

About Us

Luxury Sport Cruise

Luxury in Life

We love the sea. We love nature. We want to bring as many people as possible close to the sea and its surrounding nature. Spending a day on a boat makes you full. Full of joy, happiness, fresh energy, passion, romance. Low budget or high budget, we make you full. At the end of the day, you give us a big hug in the afterglow of your boating experience.  

For us, this is the definition of Luxury in life.

Our story

We are longtime Boating enthusiasts. For decades, every summer we have been doing just that. Spending days on a boat, experiencing the unique feelings of privacy, independency, bonding with family and friends. Enjoying the beauty of blue waters and golden sandy beaches, with a worry-free attitude.  These feelings make you feel the Luxury of life. Also, going far out for fishing or, racing with our friends out on the big waves and bring adrenaline up. That is the Sport part of life.

We put it all together and call it Luxury Sport Cruise.

Enjoy a stress-free day!

What is the purpose of holidays? Short or long holidays, it doesn’t matter, the purpose is the same. To free your mind from the usual worries. To rest and have some fun. Then, like magic, you find solutions to many of your worries. A day on a boat is like meditation.

It’s a stress-free day.

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